About Us

At Enhanced Performance Nutrition, our company's mission statement is quite simple, "Provide athletes with the highest quality supplements, at the lowest possible price."

EPN Supplements was founded in 2020, with the consumer in mind. We understand how expensive and overpriced sports supplements are within this industry. Our company was founded with the goal to assist athletes and supplement consumers by providing them access to cost efficient products at never seen before prices. We understand how important proper nutrition is, and we take pride in our ability to sell direct to the consumer without marking up the price. With the amount of e-commerce companies brought to light in the past couple of years, we needed to make sure we separated ourselves with the three following attributes: customer service, product quality and cost-effective prices.

To our knowledge, EPN Supplements is the first supplement company that was designed specifically to offer nutritional products at cost production prices. Our membership program has never been done before in this industry. Once a customer purchases an EPN Membership, they will gain access to non-advertised, cost-based pricing on all products that we offer. In simpler terms, the customer pays what we pay to manufacture the products, resulting in a 50-60% product discount.

We made a promise to make sure every customer and athlete that we work with has an effortless and fulfilling experience. Our goal is to leave a positive mark within this crowded industry, and save athletes their hard earned money in the meantime.

- The EPN Team