Mega Mass〡Vanilla Milkshake

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MEGA MASS has been formulated specifically for athletes who have trouble putting on size and muscle. Our goal when creating MEGA MASS was to provide "hard-gainers" with a product to help expedite the muscle building process, all while limiting the amount of body fat gained. MEGA MASS contains over 500 calories per serving and includes the perfect protein (36g) to carbohydrate ratio (80g), all while only containing 7g of sugar. We also added a serving of MIC oil in each scoop to provide a direct energy source. The excuse of "it's impossible to gain weight" is officially no longer acceptable. It's time to put on some MEGA MASS!



- Massive 6lb tub

- Roughly 84 scoops per tub

- 21 total servings 

- 510 calories per servings

- 35g of protein per servings

- 81g of carbohydrate per serving

- 6g of fat per serving

- 7g sugar per serving


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