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It was my first time trying BALLISTIC preworkout. I went from listening to Ed Sheeran to blasting Marilyn Manson on the treadmill for my warm up. My walking speed turned into a run & I could feel the prickles spreading through my body. The energy & vibe this gave me was next level. My performance was higher, I’m doing resistance followed by some cardio because I’ve got energy for days. No crash, no burn. Great tasting, great performance.

Merina R. (@coachmerina)

Legitimately one of the best protein powders I’ve ever tried. I’m not the biggest fan of whey and have been getting kind of sick of it in general, especially that bloated feeling I normally get. But with this protein powder, I never feel that way! Great taste as well! Overall great, can’t wait to try the other flavors!

Ameer T. (@ameerbeliftin)

I love the Cinnamon Crunch Whey Protein Powder! I’m so happy that digestive enzymes are included to aid in indigestion, especially if whey gives you bloating. The flavour is amazing and it’s so smooth.

Kailee S. (@kaileesawyerfitness)

As a plant-based aspiring professional triathlete, you'd think I get a lot of greens, but I honestly can't seem to cook them in a way that I like them and therefore don't eat as much greens as I should. Being able to get my daily dose of greens in a scoop and easily adding it to my favorite smoothies or milkshakes post workouts without changing the flavor too much is awesome. Immuno Greens makes my nutrition one less thing I have to monitor with the 3 disciplines I already have to train for.

Karina PJ. (@karinapj6)

I've used many different preworkout brands in my lifetime. With that said, nothing compares to the Ballistic preworkout. 1 scoop is all that's needed and I've gotten around 1-2 full hours of energy without jitters or side effects. Since I've started using I haven't done a single workout without it! Would recommend it every single time. Oh, and also, it tastes very good.

Ethan C. (@ethanmc1004)

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