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True Sleep is an all natural, non-habit forming sleep aid pill designed to induce sleep at a rapid rate. True Sleep is formulated with clinically researched ingredients that have been proven to reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep while additionally helping you to stay asleep for longer. This product also includes powerful cognitive and mood supportive ingredients, resulting in lower stress levels before bed. Unlock the True Sleep that you deserve and wake up feeling more refreshed and alert throughout your day.


  •  Extra Strength Formula
  •  Formulated To Induce Sleep and Reduce Stress 
  •  Take 2 Capsules 45 Minutes Before Bed
  •  Easy To Swallow, Non Habit Forming Ingredients


Key Ingredients:


Ashwagandha - Clinically proven to induce sleep and improve cognitive function.


L-Theanine - Boosts levels of GABA and other calming brain chemicals.

Passion Flower - Calms the mind and induces sleep.

5-HTP - Produces serotonin which calms the mind and stress levels before bed.

Melatonin - An extremely potent ingredient that resets your sleep cycle and induced sleep.

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